Adriana Gori


I'm Adriana. Married, mother of a teenager and a puppy that is my shadow!

I'm shy, emotional, curious, I like everything related to crafts, I love staying at home and watching series and movies. I'm silly, I laugh for hours at silly jokes, I live laughing alone and I love it! Funny videos, memes, comedies, and I also laugh at my own mistakes. I also cry at silly things, like movies with happy endings and dog movies…

Primeira mascote

I learned to crochet with my mother, but I only knew how to do square things in single crochet and double crochet. I still have some cases that I made when I was a kid… Lol

I discovered amigurumis at the end of 2012. When my husband found out he was going to be a grandpa, I decided to make a heart-shaped crochet pillow for his granddaughter, and I went on the internet to look for crochet heart graphics… BOOM! A lot of crochet dolls appeared, the famous amigurumis! I spent almost a week crazily bookmarking sites with free patterns, choosing which ones I was going to make, and I didn't even had material at home for that… (Every craftsman has a list of these, right? Lol)

At the time I was unemployed, very stressed and anxious. After making the pillow, I started making amigurumis as a hobby and posting on my facebook. Some time later, with so many comments and support from friends, I decided to open my first virtual store. In 2014 "Eu Quero Crochê" was born, with a logo made by me in crochet.

Bebê dino dormindo

Over time I saw that I was managing to make enough money to live with something that brought me joy and pleasure, and I decided to dedicate myself more to amigurumis. I took orders, and I loved it when I was asked for something different and challenging. I realized what I really liked was creating!

In February 2018 I released meu primeiro padrão gratuito, the Sleeping baby dino, which is very successful to this day and has already been made in several countries. This pattern was a milestone in my life!

In 2020 I decided not to sell the dolls ready to dedicate myself fully to what I love most: creating!!

Mascote - Eu Quero Crochê

And here I am at yet another milestone in my life: my own website! UUHHUUUUUUU

Who knows what else is out there? Life is an adventure, and despite the bumps in the road, it should be fun! Working with what we love is the best thing in the world!!!

Got a challenge for me? A character suggestion? Have a question or suggestion about my patterns? Talk to me! Send email or message on any social network, they are all there in the footer!

Best wishes,